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Gearbox Update

Updating the gearbox software on a vehicle can improve the overall driving experience by resulting in: quicker shift speeds, better MPG, smoother gear changes, less clunking or delayed gear engagement, and more! A little like windows updates on your PC or your phone has an OS update, a gearbox update is similar, designed to improve the overall functionality and usability of the system it controls.

 BMW Gearbox Software Update

A gearbox update is very different to a gearbox remap, when we remap a gearbox TCU (Transmission Control Unit) we extract the data, modify it, and then reload it back in to the TCU. A gearbox remap is normally carried out when trying to increase vehicle performance or for making substantial modifications to the gearbox characteristics. (Currently we only offer gearbox remapping on VAG DSG gearboxes). With a gearbox update we do not modify the data, we instead use dealer diagnostic tools to update the ECU calibration file to the latest software revision. We connect our equipment to the vehicle, the diagnostic tool will check the current TCU software revision and if a newer one is available it will be downloaded straight from the manufacturers online server and programmed.

Most models will benefit from a gearbox update, however some of the common vehicles we see for this service are BMW’s with ZF gearboxes, Mercedes with 7G-Tronic and MCT, Peugeot / Citroen Models with EGS (Electronic Gearbox System). Gearbox updates are only available at our HQ in Zagreb.

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