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Initially Ecusat chiptuning was completely focused on ECU Remapping and performance tuning, however over the years the company has evolved quite dramatically and we now offer a range of technical services, these services can be divided into four main categories.

ECU Remapping

Unleashing the true potential of a vehicle, depending on customer requirements this could be simply to extract as much performance as possible or to generate the most amount of fuel efficiency. All our maps are fully custom and most are developed in house.

Vehicle Modification

We try to develop solutions to bypass the often unnecessary components and features installed on modern automotive vehicles. This can be for performance reasons or simply as a more cost effective solution to replacing a faulty component. E.g. Bypassing the EGR system to improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

DPF Solutions

We have a vast amount of experience with the often miss understood DPF systems on modern diesel vehicles and can offer a wide range of services depending on the customers’ requirements. From cleaning, to removal, to replacement, we offer a professional solution to suit your needs.

Diagnostic and Programming

Continued investment into the latest aftermarket and main dealer diagnostic equipment allows us to offer everything a dealer can and more. Often our tools can access a level of computer interrogation that even the main dealers can only dream of. From fault finding to module programming and initialization we have the equipment, knowledge and training. 

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Company mission statement 

'To offer professional workmanship of the highest quality with the very best in customer care'

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